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Georeactor.ru is a web resource for Russian and foreign geoscientists, basin and petroleum system
modeling specialists, as well as for everyone who is interested in this area. The main purpose of this
web-site is to help geoscientists to communicate and exchange experience in this specific area of interest.
The web-site has the following structure:
- Forum (available only in Russian)
- Archive
- Web journal “WildCat. 5 wells”

Forum. Provides visitors an opportunity to discuss different issues concerned with Basin and Petroleum System Modeling
(BPSM), such as: technical workflows, education in various Russian high schools, BPSM projects and so on.

Here you can:

·        ask a new question

·        or answer an existing one.

Archive. On the one hand, every authorized member of the forum can upload results of his, or her, own BPSM project onto
this site due to discuss it with other specialists. These results should be prepared in the form of scientific article. On the
other hand, we also upload some interesting articles here. All rights are reserved.

Here you can:

·        download some useful technical publications,

·        get some criticism of your work

·        or criticize other members’ articles.

Web Journal "Wildcat. 5 wells". From time to time we publish interviews with the World’s most famous geoscientists,
who made great progress in Petroleum Systems Modeling. These interviews are in a rather interesting format and are
published both: in Russian and in English. Besides this, here we have results of Southern Russian Geological Analytical project 
with the corresponding name, which was formerly published in a journal, called “Energy of The South”. The latter is
the predecessor of “WildCat. 5 wells”.

Here you can:

·        read an interview with honored geoscientists.

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